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Located in Normandy for 50 years,
QOVANS INDUSTRIE is expert in the manufacture of removable partitions and solutions
of space facilities in four strategic activities.


On our industrial site of 30 000m², the versatility of our teams and our production facilities enable us to develop the following activities:

  • Manufacturing siding
  • Coating aluminium
  • Machining and fabricating wooden partitions Fontex ®
  • Machining of aluminum profiles
  • Compact panels Machining
  • Integrated logistics dedicated to the delivery of our products in France and abroad
  • Structured and efficient quality control


QOVANS INDUSTRIE has an annual potential production of:



Here is the brand portfolios held by the group QOVANS ®:


Logo Partena Logo Clips

Two distinct and historic brands of removable office partitions: CLIPS ® et PARTENA ®.

QOVANS INDUSTRIE ensures the different stages of the manufacture of aluminum profiles and additional accessories (doors, hardware, insulation, etc.):

Product distribution is via specialist retailers.
The use of removable partitions PARTENA ® and CLIPS ® is assured throughout France by our network “QOVANS EXPERTS”.
For important jobs, the installation is provided by QOVANS SERVICES teams.


Under the brand name Fontex ®, we machine wood panels.
The marketing of these products is done with shops and manufacturers of prefabricated and modular building.



Under the brand SANICLIPS, we machine cabins, lockers, changing rooms and other sanitary equipment in compact laminate.
These products are intended to equip the Open Air Hospitality establishments, the public sports infrastructure (schools, colleges, gyms, swimming pools), ERP and leisure theme parks.

Product distribution is carried out by specialized brands.
The implementation of SANICLIPS products is carried out by specialized companies and our network “QOVANS EXPERTS”.


Launched in 2015, the brand LINEANCE ® highlights the market of removable partition offices and industrial expertise on gluing PVC coverings or pre-painted sheet metal on wood support, plasterboard, cellulose fiber. This expertise is supplemented by controlling the machining of melamine panels.

For its launch, LINEANCE ® offers different scenery and ambiance through thematic collections:

The DOOR Collection completes the range LINEANCE ® by offering decors for laminate door facings for additional removable partitions.